Rogem Networks offers many services to aid you in having the top website. For more information see below.

Web Consultancy

Websites are funny things; one day there all up to date, the next they’re more older then MS-DOS. The best way to keep yourself up to date is to hire a Web Consultant to check over your website and create a report on areas for improvement.

Usually this would include using CSS instead of tables, a security test and a better use of apache. We would normally make comments on places where use of PHP and Javascript would improve usability and make the website more dynamic.

Web Development

Developing a websites is a pain; so why not hire someone who is competent in what they’re doing and skilled enough to get the job done. Rogem Networks’ Web Developments includes back and front end coding to a website.

Desktop Development

The future of the internet lies at your desktop…or so the saying goes. Many websites now offer a desktop application to aid you (or them) in using a website.

Web Hosting

Have a nice website is all very well, but if your web host lets you down, you will lose money and clients. Rogem Networks offers High Quality hosting for our clients.

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