Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

Here at Rogem Networks we feel that it is very important to help those who have accessibility problems. Below is a brief bit of information to aid you when accessing Rogem Networks’ website. If you feel we could do tell us on the Contact Us page.

Visual Impairments

We have tried to make Rogem Networks’ website as simple as possible so it’s easy to make more viewable. Fell free to resize your text in your browser (see your browsers help documentation).

Motor Impairments

If you suffer from motor controls (Or don’t want to use the mouse) we have added “access keys” to the site. There are (in a nutshell) shortcuts around the website. The access keys are as follows:

  • 0 – Return To Homepage
  • 1 – *Currently Out of Use*
  • 2 – Services
  • 3 – Portfolio
  • 4 – Contact Us
  • 5 – Back to Top

If you want to use an access key, please refer to your browsers Help Contents (It changes from browser to browser).

Contact Us

E-Mail: Sales Team
Call: +44 208 1337 638
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