Welcome to Rogem Networks! We are a new innovative website services company; meaning we design, build, maintain and host websites.

We make sure that all of our developments are as efficient and accessible as possible (Saving lots of money on expensive bandwidth and disc space). Of course all of the websites we build have valid CSS and HTML (meaning they should look perfect in every browser).

But, at the end of the day it’s what you think what really matters; so take a look at our Portfolio and see what you think.

News And Updates

“02.01.2008” New Servers

In the next few months we intend to get some new servers in, though these are not going to be your average server.

Were going to try and get out hands on servers with solid sate hard drives (like the Mac Air), Intel Xeon processors and lots of bandwidth!

Naturally where going to cluster the servers (For efficiency and reliability).

“01.01.2008” URL fun

I just decided to go over the site and edit some of the file extensions, most are now ‘.htm’ or are at least search engine friendly. I also checked some external links and edited them (Seems a few dead links are about).

I am also working on changing the code behind the “Contact Us” page and creating a “Quote-o-Matic”.

“11.28.2007” Development

Sorry for not posting for a while, we have been incredibly busy.

Some of the personal projects we have been working on are:

  • Rogem Content Management System
  • Client Monitor (A way for our clients to monitor there projects progress online)
  • Rogem Artificial Intelligence

I’m hoping to get most of these out early 2008.  

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Call: +44 208 1337 638
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